Car engines

We produce a wide range of car engines for both: diesel and gasoline. We provide engines with low, medium power for cars and high power for sports vehicles.

We are an expert in car engines

We have over 20 years of experience in the production of engines for automotive industry.


Centurion V750

Excellent and powerful diesel engine for cars. A wide range of power. Designed and created by a team of experienced mechanics and engineers. Perfect for small city cars and large SUVs.

  • 1.4 L (1,360 cc) Euro 5 70-72 kW
  • 1.6 L (1,598 cc) Euro 5 72-88 kW
  • 1.6 L (1,598 cc) Euro 4 103-120 kW
  • 1.6 L (1,598 cc) Euro 5 103-120 kW
  • 1.6 L (1,598 cc) Euro 4 128-152 kW

Our services for car engines

  • Change the engine oil
  • Replace the oil filter
  • Replace the spark plugs

  • Inspect and replace the timing belt
  • Check for any Error codes in the ECU
  • Use scan tool read trouble code

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New factory location

Finally we have another factory. Factory is located in Radom in Poland. This location is well communicated with rest of the Europe.
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